Create Your First Twitter Collection!

28 Jan 2015
Create Your First Twitter Collection!

Did you know that Twitter lets you create custom timelines and even embed them on your website?

First, you may wonder what that means and we are here to explain that! Twitter collections are the best way to organize and curate tweets on a given subject.

Say, you want to gather the public tweets around your brand-hashtag or a Q&A event you host. Collections will help you to select the best tweets based on your preferences– and share them anywhere you wish!

Twitter collections are created and named by users, and have a special URL. The best part: it’s all under your control. You may choose your favorite tweets manually or automatize them by using Twitter’s API if you are a more advanced user.

The first step in creating a Twitter collection is signing into TweetDeck.

twitter collection


Here you’ll find the option of “Collections” under the “Add column” menu.


The rest is all yours. Name your collection, add a description and start adding tweets into it! Using TweetDeck you can simply drag and drop any tweet you want to insert.



You can both embed and share that timeline as a link. Here’s how our first Twitter collection looks like on the web: Snug Social Twitter Collection

TweetDeck will automatically send you to the “Widgets” page and that’s where you can customize your timeline.


Your publicly available Twitter collection will appear like that when you embed it:

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