Google Search Will Display Song Lyrics At The Top

27 Jan 2015
Google Search Will Display Song Lyrics At The Top

One of the latest updates by Google will expectedly improve both its search option and user experience. Thanks to Google’s brand new feature, song lyrics will appear on the top of your results page.

In short, when you type “song name lyrics” that exact thing will appear on top of the page within a box —without the need to click on it.

Just like that:

business insider

Image Source: Business Insider

Here comes the discussion of websites with a large database of lyrics. As you know, those websites get most of the traffic they need out of search engines and Google might create a lot of disturbance for them.

For now, the company works on enhancing their lyrics database and linking the songs with Google Play Store.

In the future, we may also see Google’s insert of ads based on the keywords.

If you still don’t have Google’s special option of lyrics search, don’t worry! This new feature is still on test for a limited number of songs and users in the United States.

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