Have You Seen Wikipedia’s First Annual Video Ever?

26 Jan 2015
Have You Seen Wikipedia’s First Annual Video Ever?

Wikipedia was the latest website joining the rush of 2014 review videos. What’s more surprising is that this is the first-ever annual video made by the online encyclopedia.

With a 3-minute video under the title of “What did we edit in 2014?”, you can view a special selection of Wikipedia pages of the last year. Of course, these pages consist of the most influential people and trending events of the previous year.

We know that you wouldn’t be surprised to see more or less the same things in parallel to Facebook, Twitter and Google. According to Wikipedia, top things in our recent history are Malaysia Airlines, Sochi Olympics, World Cup, Ferguson, Ice Bucket Challenge, Ebola and many more.

From the Wikimedia Foundation’s announcement: “Wikipedia is the largest collaborative knowledge project in human history, and it is made possible by even the tiniest of contributions from people around the world. Together, we edit our common history.”

Check out the first-ever annual video of Wikipedia

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