Add Your Own YouTube Subscription Pop Up!

26 Jan 2015
Add Your Own YouTube Subscription Pop Up!

If you or your brand exist on YouTube, by now you probably know the importance of subscribers. In terms of social media language, they are your “followers” on the platform. And that’s why it’s natural to ask for more subscribers!

If you are a YouTube user with dynamic content, we have a little trick for you. Adding a simple word into your user profile URL may have a great impact on your subscribers. This way, when someone visits your profile via the link you’ve shared, they’ll see a little subscription box automatically!

Normally, this is how visitors see your YouTube profile.

youtube subscription pop up


That subscription button is really hard to see…

Adding some letters at the end of your profile or channel URL makes such a difference.

youtube subscription pop up 1


And here it is!

All you have to do is to add ?sub_confirmation=1 at the end of the link.

Just like that:

When you share your YouTube profile link on your blog, website or other social networks, use this link from now on. Your visitors will see a little surprise, calling them into action!

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