The Latest Viber Update Comes With Social Games

23 Jan 2015
The Latest Viber Update Comes With Social Games

The mobile messaging app Viber has recently announced a brand new update, including three social games that you can play with your friends on the platform. Viber games are now available for a selected region and expected to be released globally within a month.

Viber’s first three games are Viber Pop, Viber Candy Mania and Wild Luck Casino. Your games will be synced to the Viber account, on which you can follow the leaderboards and challenge your friends.

All three games of Viber will be available for free. Of course, some special items can be purchased within the app, as always!

















If you are familiar with Viber’s sticker collections, you’ll find some characters here in the games, too.

Viber’s social games are initially available for Ukraine, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia and Belarus. We’ll see how the games will expand into other countries, and which games will be added into the agenda of Viber.

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