Insert Facebook Posts Into Your Blog!

23 Jan 2015
Insert Facebook Posts Into Your Blog!

It’s been a while since Facebook first introduced its post embedding feature. If you recall, before we’ve talked about how you can embed your whole Twitter feed into your website and use your Instagram photos everywhere. They all help you to share the original content as if you are on that social platform.

Now it’s time to see how to insert Facebook posts into your blog or website content.

In fact, all you have to do is to copy and paste one simple line of code!

The trick here is that only public updates of people and Facebook Pages can be embedded and shared online.

On any public Facebook post, click “v” button and find “Embed Post” option in the menu.

insert facebook posts 1


Facebook will give you a code for you to copy. The best part is you can edit that post’s width and make it fit your blog beforehand!

insert facebook posts 2


Now just paste the code into your blog post! For example, if you are using WordPress, open the “Text” tab and insert Facebook posts easily.

Embedded posts will appear on your blog like the following:

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