Iconosquare: Reach Free Instagram Analytics!

23 Jan 2015
Iconosquare: Reach Free Instagram Analytics!

Unlike other popular social networks, Instagram still does not have its own Analytics feature. Unfortunately, we cannot analyze how well we are doing and measure our social success through the app. That’s why we need a third-party platform to reach Instagram Insights.

And if you also need a free one, here is Iconosquare!

Iconosquare is a free service, formerly known as Statigram, you can use by logging in with an Instagram account. The platform serves both as a browser version of Instagram feed and an Analytics service at the same time.



Through Iconosquare, you can also follow current Instagram contests and create your “review” snapshots for some nostalgia!

For starters, you can check out your overall success on Instagram and see how many likes & comments you’ve received in total.



The best part about Iconosquare’s insights is the two-sided effect. You can review both your own usage preferences and how the community reacts to them.

my usage


For example, I realize being a fan of Earlybird and X-Pro II filters. Of course, when it comes to tags, the winner is Star Wars!

It feels good to know my Instagram habits! But, what else?

Iconosquare displays which of your filters and tags are liked & commented most by the community. Meaning, you can discover what triggers the most engagement on the platform for you.

filter impact


I think I should stick to Earlybird…

Iconosquare lets you view your growth history and offers you the best times to post, based on your followers’ preferences. It’s a great way to measure the effectiveness of your content strategy and create more engagement on Instagram!

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