Kik Hashtags Help You To Create Searchable Groups

23 Jan 2015
Kik Hashtags Help You To Create Searchable Groups

Kik Messenger is today one of the most widely used messaging apps. By adding the “hashtag” phenomenon into the platform, Kik may start to become a more social-network-like service.

With a recent update on iOS and Android devices, Kik now lets you create searchable groups out of the hashtags, which means that you can easily gather with people who are interested in the same thing as you do.

The new type of Kik groups can become a place for better conversations, sharing information and meeting new people. Similar to a WhatsApp group, you can add a group picture and a special name, and chat with up to 50 people.

Hashtags act like a Kik username for a group and let you find and create searchable public groups. Hashtags make it super easy for friends to join your group chats, and let you connect easily with other people on Kik who share your interests.



Since Group Chat is one of the most popular features of Kik and 300.000 new groups are created every day, the team must have shifted their focus into that area. And obviously, Kik Messenger does not want to be an alternative to SMS anymore.

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