Year in Review: 2014 Through Twitter

22 Jan 2015
Year in Review: 2014 Through Twitter

Recently, we’ve announced that Facebook’s own Year in Review video has been released. Now, it’s time to see what Twitter has experienced in the last year.

In fact, Twitter’s Year in Review is with us since 2010. And if you want even some more nostalgia, you can still check out the previous years.

The trends of 2014 on Twitter has two sections, Mentions and Perspectives.

On Mentions, you’ll be able to see the world events in a calendar-like format. For example, below is the biggest trends of September. You remember them, right?

year in review twitter


As a recap of 2014, you’ll find Sochi Olympics, World Cup, Ebola, Ferguson, Ice Bucket Challenge and the death of many loved celebrities.

The Perspective part consists of 2014’s most notable celebrities and influencers, together with their top 5 moments and favorite Twitter accounts. Any guesses who they are?

year in review


Can you believe that 672 million tweets have been sent during the World Cup? And 18 million about the Ferguson protests? Incredible numbers.

No matter what, the “Golden Tweet” remains as Ellen’s selfie with more than 3 million retweets!

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