Save Your LinkedIn Connections!

22 Jan 2015
Save Your LinkedIn Connections!

LinkedIn is the new way of keeping and expanding your business network. The service offers you a more social way of exchanging business cards. And you know that it’s important to keep those cards organized. You wouldn’t want to lose your contacts!

If you want to export and back up your LinkedIn connections, just follow these simple steps.

Visit your Settings Page and find the “Account” tab. Here you’ll see the link to request your LinkedIn data.



Similar to other social networks, LinkedIn will inform you via e-mail about your request. Remember, it may take some time if you are a heavy user!

linkedin download 2


When you receive the e-mail, don’t forget to download your personal data as soon as you can. Just like Facebook, LinkedIn’s download link has an expiration time. It is 72 hours for the platform.

linkedin download 3


In fact, downloading your LinkedIn connections will bring more than that. You’ll be able to see a list of your group posts, endorsements, skills and many more.

The best part is that you can see an Excel file with your connections’ contact info and current positions. As if it’s your personal business card collection!

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