How to Find The Best Blog Topic Ever

22 Jan 2015
How to Find The Best Blog Topic Ever

By now, you may be convinced that starting a blog is a real game-changer. If not, please feel free to read more about that! We are here to support and encourage you to find the right path.

And if you are ready to start your own blog, welcome to the club!

We’ll guide you to the second step of a successful blog: your topic.

Finding the perfect blog topic is often seen as a difficult quest. Well, for us, it’s overrated. The essence is all about your passions and interests. And since you know yourself better than anyone, how can it be that hard?

If you feel lost about finding your blog topic, we’ll try to help you. There are always easy steps to do that. Walk with us and you’ll see it takes almost no time!

Find Your Passion

First of all, try to list what interest you the most throughout your whole life. You may even go back to your childhood memories. For example, I remember being always curious about rollerblading. Since I was a little girl, that’s all I have been asking for and talking about. Only now, I have the chance to experience that, but it’s never too late! I’m currently think about starting a blog about that. Wouldn’t it be cool?

If you don’t have that kind of “tangible” interests in your life, try something else. What are you talking about the most in your daily life?

Think about your conversations with your friends. Even if “relationships” are all you have been talking about, that would still be a great blog topic!

Can you imagine how many people would be interested in that?

Ask Yourself The Right Questions

Well, in fact, you can find the answer to that before starting your blog. Ask yourself some questions; “Is my topic interesting enough for total strangers?”, “Would people -other than my friends- listen to me?”

If the answer is “yes”, you are on the right track.

Here’s something important. Think about how many blog posts you can write about relationships. (Or, in my case, rollerblading.) Since blogging requires some constant effort, you should be able to create enough material for a good deal of time.

At this step, the decision is yours. If you can’t update your blog regularly, maybe it’s not the right choice for you. Sorry…Look For Your Readers

Look For Your Readers

Going back to the question of being “interesting”, you can make a quick research on the Internet. Just type your topic in mind into Google and social networks. See how many people would be interested or are in need of such a blog.

This way, you’ll both see the size of your potential readers and get to know them better, before even creating your blog.

Believe In Your Topic

At this point, we believe you’ve already found what you’re passionate about. Or at least made a list about them…

Now, it’s time to narrow them down. We recommend you to choose the topic you’ve experienced or at least truly believe in!

A year ago, I’ve never had my own rollerblades or spent enough time with them. If I was to write about that topic back in that time, my blog would probably be full of meaningless, empty things. Now I feel more confident about that blog topic, because I’ve experienced it and have already so much to tell people about it!

Check Out The Trends

Still, if you are totally lost about finding a passion, you can always create a new one. You may try to check the trends. Simply observe which topics are rising around your community. For example, these days, Do-It-Yourself and Clean Eating blogs seem quite popular.

If one of such trending topics interest you, just make a quick research about them. Be careful, you would not want to get lost in the crowd. Before jumping into such a popular theme, you should create your special mission!

What would make you different than the others? Take some time and think about that. For example, you may want to get local. It’s always a good idea. Try to move with something more specific, like Clean Eating in London.

Do What Makes You Happy!

In short, finding your perfect blog topic shouldn’t be about making money or creating a network. They wouldn’t mean much only by themselves. Try to find out what excites you the most.

What are your true passions? Would people be interested in it? Would you be able to write regularly about that?

And more important than that, do you believe in what you do?

If yes, don’t take another minute. Just move with that one!

You’ll do great, because that’s what you would love to do!

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