Download Instagram Photos From Your Browser

22 Jan 2015
Download Instagram Photos From Your Browser

Here’s to the Instagram fans!

If Instagram’s “no-save” policy bothers you, here’s a little trick for you. Now you can easily download Instagram photos or videos, without capturing a screenshot!

Follow these simple steps and download the original photo directly from your browser.

download instagram photos


Open the photo in your browser and right-click on it. Find the “Inspect Element” option in the menu. (This menu may change from browser to browser. Here we are using Google Chrome.)

instagram download 2


Now, don’t be afraid of all these codes! You wouldn’t need them. When that menu appears at the bottom of your webpage, the first link you see will be the one you’re already looking for.

To be more specific, it is the one ending with .jpg often.

Another right-click will complete your mission. Open the photo in a new tab and it’s all yours to save!

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