View Your Quick Facebook Stats!

21 Jan 2015
View Your Quick Facebook Stats!

We often try to offer you the best free ways of reaching social statistics and insights. Because visiting your analytics on each and every platform should be one of the main pillars of your strategy. After all, that’s how you’ll learn from mistakes and measure the success!

Sometimes, looking for the simplest thing is the best way. And when it comes to checking your Facebook stats, here is something you may be neglecting. We are sure that you’ve seen that little thing under your posts, telling you how many people were reached.

Have you ever tried to click on it?

facebook stats


These quick Facebook stats have been with us for some time. But we all may fall into the trap of looking for something more complicated!

That little note will expand when you click on it, and display you a recap of how & how many people interacted with it.

facebook stats


You’ll have the chance to see detailed information and Facebook stats only for that given post. Isn’t it great?

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