Check Out Skype’s Groundbreaking Translator

21 Jan 2015
Check Out Skype’s Groundbreaking Translator
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Skype, as a part of the Microsoft family, continues to improve itself. In May, it was announced by the company’s CEO Satya Nadella that Skype has been working on a simultaneous translation feature. And now, it’s the time!

Skype has recently announced the launch of Skype Translator’s preview version!

Skype Translator will come with the ability to translate phone calls simultaneously during the chat. Meaning, the service can perceive voices in various languages and translate your voice to the audience’s own language. Isn’t it amazing?

Skype Translator is expected to support more than 40 languages. But in the initial phases, the service is launched only with English and Spanish languages. Of course, you may call it a beta version, in which we’ll try to foresee Skype Translator’s success.

Skype has visited two schools in Mexico City and Tacoma to test its brand new feature, which signals that Skype Translator can also be a groundbreaking change in education.


Here you can see the promo video for Skype Translator:

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