Instagram Removes Fake Accounts!

20 Jan 2015
Instagram Removes Fake Accounts!

Starting in April 2014, Instagram began to remove inactive and fake accounts from the platform. Within the second wave of “cleansing”, Instagram wants to fix the problem for the bigger community in the new year.

Instagram states that the process of removing inactive and fake accounts are for the sake of the best possible user experience. They also stress the importance of Community Guidelines and want all users to be in compliance with them.

Well, all they want is to post your own photos, keep your clothes on, be respectful, do not spam and just have fun!

The cleansing process of Instagram has also been announced to some users as the following:

fake accounts
Image Source: HipstaGeneration

So, don’t be surprised if you see that notification.

As a part of Facebook family, Instagram obviously wants to improve itself in the new year. Soon, we’ll see a cleaner Instagram with some emptied usernames.

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