Insert Your Twitter Feed Into Your Blog

20 Jan 2015
Insert Your Twitter Feed Into Your Blog
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Here on Snug Social, we often focus on how all your accounts should be connected and move in a harmony. The situation is not any different, when it comes to blogging. Whether it’s your personal blog or business website, you would want the visitors to know you better without the need of clicking here and there.

Embedding your Twitter feed will bring you great benefits on that matter. When you add your Twitter timeline into your blog, the visitor will learn your social side and have a first impression about you at the same time.

Embedding your Twitter feed means simply that: Your timeline will flow naturally on your blog, as if you are on Twitter in real-time!

Twitter offers you ready-to-use widgets on your account settings. And if you want to customize them according to your blog design, feel free to do it!

Visit your Account Settings and find the “Widgets” tab at the bottom. Click on “Create New”.

twitter feed


Here is your Twitter feed. You can choose your settings and customize the following information. Just hit the button and copy your embed code.

twitter feed


You can paste the given code into your blog’s or website’s HTML section. All done. Your little Twitter box will appear anywhere you want and update in real-time!

twitter feed


Reminder: In order to use that feature, you must have a public Twitter account.

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