Follow The Trends With Facebook!

20 Jan 2015
Follow The Trends With Facebook!

It’s been around a year since Facebook first announced its Trending feature. But the option was only available for selected countries, and could be viewed only on desktop version of the platform.

With a recent announcement, Facebook Trends will soon be available globally and also on mobile devices.


You’ll be able to see the section on the right side of the page, with a list of top conversations on Facebook. And on mobile, Facebook adds five main areas so that you can navigate more easily.

With this update Facebook seems to be aiming at a bigger picture. Trending makes a place for itself, as almost an alternative to our daily news sources. From now on, we’ll be able to monitor “what’s going on” from Facebook itself.


Conversations are organized in the following sections:

  1. Articles shows you how news organizations are covering the story.
  2. In the Story shows you posts from people who are part of the story.
  3. Friends and Groups shows you what people in your network are saying.
  4. Near the Scene shows you posts from people near where the story is unfolding.
  5. Live Feed shows you a real-time stream of reactions from people around the world.

Facebook’s Trending feature follows a similar logic with Twitter’s nature of “keeping up with the trends”. We’ll see if Facebook will be successful at becoming an alternative to Twitter timelines.

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