Cadbury: Winning The Google Plus Game

20 Jan 2015
Cadbury: Winning The Google Plus Game

Cadbury is a sweet, multinational, British company. Today, it is a part of the bigger Mondelez Family, just like Milka. The brand is especially famous for their chocolate products. When the product is so appealing and lively, we got curious about how Cadbury uses social media!

And we’ve seen that Google Plus is Cadbury’s strongest side. Let’s see why this is the case!


Cadbury is one of the early adopters of Google Plus, as a social platform for brand promotion. Today, it is one of the top 20 brands using Google Plus. More important than that, Cadbury is often seen as the best brand on the platform.

With more than 3.7 million followers on their Verified Page, Cadbury has obviously a special content strategy for the platform. Rather than a simple copy-paste from their other social accounts, the brand gives weight to Google Plus. And that may be the key to success!

Page Design


What makes Cadbury different than the others on Google Plus may be more than content or seasonal campaigns. Cadbury sure knows how to use the platform and take advantage of special features. Like Hangouts, Circles and Communities.


Unique Google Plus Strategy

Cadbury prefers to post 2-3 updates a week, with high quality. They are unique and created specifically for Google Plus. And that’s what makes them beautiful!


The brand plays well with YouTube videos and creates their own hashtags! Instead of a direct product promotion, they sure know how to make their followers smile. And, who doesn’t even love funny videos?

When we say Cadbury knows the platform, we really mean it. The brand made use of Hangouts, during the London 2012 Olympics. As a sponsor of the Olympic games, Cadbury made an unexpected move and chose Google Plus for its marketing activities!

You can check out the case study about Cadbury’s Hangouts campaign, if you are still not convinced!


Create Your Own Community



Cadbury also makes use of Google Plus Communities, one of the best features of the platform. The Cadbury Kitchen lets the fans share their own recipes and tips on cooking. This is how Cadbury keeps the fans engaged and drives traffic into the website at the same time!

All in all, Cadbury is a real Google Plus fan. You can tell that by looking at their Google Plus profile made out of chocolate! Isn’t it lovely?

google plus chocolate

Image Source: Mashable 

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