Status Automatically Tells What You Are Doing Right Now!

19 Jan 2015
Status Automatically Tells What You Are Doing Right Now!

Have you ever been in a situation where your friends cannot reach you and get worried? Not anymore, thanks to ‘Status’.

You won’t be receiving messages like “Are you ignoring me?!” or no worries if your battery is dead. Through the app, your phone will know what you have been up to.

Status gets your location with “geofencing” and through Wi-Fi network and sets your status into “At somewhere”. You can also connect your Bluetooth car set with the app and once your car is on, your status will be changed into “Driving”. Fascinating, right?

Through a simple connection with your Calendar, the app will know when you’ll be unavailable and set your status as “In a meeting”. The same goes on for your battery. Of course, the phone will know when your battery is about to die and let people know it, too!



















We know that you wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing these news with the whole world. That’s why Status works with your friend list. Just follow your friends and choose who you want to share your status with.

You can download the app for iOS and Android devices.

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