Shazam Partners With Spotify For A Better Music Experience

19 Jan 2015
Shazam Partners With Spotify For A Better Music Experience

Shazam is tired of being simply a music recognition application!

With an update both on desktop and mobile devices, Shazam now lets you listen to the songs found by the app, without leaving the platform. Thanks to a partnership with Spotify, Shazam was able to add a music player right into its application.

The update also puts more emphasis on music search and discovery. With an improved suggestion method, Shazam now makes more accurate song offers based on your previous actions.



You can also access the popular songs on Shazam or your very own playlists easily through the app. What’s interesting is that Shazam added a Tinder-like feature to the platform, which enables you to swipe right or left while listening to music. If you like a song, swipe right to add it into your list. Swipe left to skip it!

This partnership will make Spotify members even happier. If you are a member, you can reach the songs you’ve “Shazamed” before on your Spotify application as well!

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