Facebook’s Year in Review: What Happened in 2014?

19 Jan 2015
Facebook's Year in Review: What Happened in 2014?

Time for nostalgia! You know, many social platforms already announced their way of “reliving the past”. Before, we’ve talked about Spotify’s review of 2014 and how you can use it for yourselves.

Now it’s time to see what Facebook has done!

Facebook summarized 2014 with a 2-minute video shared on Facebook’s Year in Review. If you are also a nostalgic type of person, you should definitely see the last year through the lens of Facebook.

The most trending stories of 2014 on Facebook include World Cup, Ebola Virus, Ice Bucket Challenge, Robin Williams’ Death and many more.

Apart from the global events, you can check out the top 10 lists of Places, Songs, Games, Movies and more.

Here are what we have been all talking about in 2014:

1) World Cup
2) Ebola Virus Outbreak
3) Elections in Brazil
4) Robin Williams
5) Ice Bucket Challenge
6) Conflict in Gaza
7) Malaysia Airlines
8) Super Bowl
9) Michael Brown / Ferguson
10) Sochi Olympics

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