Facebook’s Graph Search Is Finally Available On Mobile

19 Jan 2015
Facebook's Graph Search Is Finally Available On Mobile

It’s been around two years since Facebook have started “Graph Search” which improves users’ search experience through the platform. Here on Snug Social, we also try to give you the right hints to use this highly beneficial feature.

Although it seems a little delayed, Facebook’s Graph Search option is finally available on mobile devices, as well. Bad news for the Android fans; you should wait a little bit. This update will be launched on iOS devices first.

facebook's graph search

Apart from the mobile integration, new features are expected to be added into Facebook’s Search algorithm in general. Soon, you’ll be able to make keyword-based searches both on desktop and your mobile phones.

Facebook’s Rousseau Kazi announces that the mobile adaptation took some time, because it was a challenging process. Obviously, these two years have been spent by Facebook in order to improve the user experience and develop Graph Search for a better end.

We’ll see how the users will react, with regard to privacy issues. Who knows, maybe Facebook plans to monetize Graph Search, too?

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