Check Out Your Own ‘Year in Review’ With Spotify

16 Jan 2015
Check Out Your Own 'Year in Review' With Spotify

Thanks to Spotify, now you can know what, how, when and where you’ve listened last year!

Year in Review gathers your data from the app and reveals your music taste and preferences in 2014. You can share it with your friends or save it to yourself.



Spotify provides you both with global data, and your very own music taste! You can view “what kind of music you are into” and respond to that question more easily now!



Your very own top artist, album and playlist are there, too.



And the best thing so far: Your top 10 tracks are not only there to analyze, but also to listen! You can create your very own “Top 100” playlist and carry them with you.

You can also check the top songs in the world or specific for a country. What can be better than observing the year through the lens of music?

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