Now You Can Pin Your Updates On Google Plus!

16 Jan 2015
Now You Can Pin Your Updates On Google Plus!

If you recall, before we’ve talked about Twitter’s pinning feature and how you can use it. Following the same path, Google Plus added the exact same item into its agenda and launched the “pinning” feature on the platform.

If you are one of the loyal Google Plus users, you’ll probably like this update. Now you can add your favorite photo, video, poll or any other update on top of your profile page. Just hit the button, and that update with gather more attention.

pin your updates


If you want to attract the wanderers of Google Plus, you can try to pin your best thing on top. Or simply put your current campaign on the top shelf. Remember, the pinned update will be the first thing your visitors will see. Give it a try!

pin your updates


For now, you can only pin your updates on desktop and Android versions of the platform. A Google Plus update for iOS devices is also expected soon.

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