‘Mail to Self’ is Here To Ease Your Life

16 Jan 2015
'Mail to Self' is Here To Ease Your Life

You probably know that iOS 8 has been here in our lives for a few months. Since the update was first released, app extensions have been all the developers talk about. That’s why we’ve seen a flood of custom keyword apps and notification widgets in the App Store.

Now, it’s the time to see how an app extension can really ease your life. ‘Mail to Self’ is an app to mail stuff to yourself from any app! The extension allows you to send links into your mail address with a simple click.

Whether you are surfing via Safari, or copying things to clipboard, just click on the native iOS 8 “Share” button and find ‘Mail to Self’. It’s all set!



















If you often check your e-mail, rather than other productivity apps, Mail to Self can be your thign. It’s a real time-saver and also easier to use than other applications, which you need to log in and launch.

Mail to Self works with Tumblr, Tweetbot, Amazon and all the apps using iOS 8’s native share feature.

Want to give it a try? Check it out!

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