Facebook Wants to Get Lucky With Slingshot -Again-

16 Jan 2015
Facebook Wants to Get Lucky With Slingshot -Again-

Back in June, Facebook launched its Snapchat-like application: Slingshot. Well, it was not a quite big thing. Unfortunately.

In the early version of Slingshot, the app was too similar to Snapchat with a few minor features. For example, you had to send a photo or video in order to respond to a message. Obviously, this difference could not be very successful among the users and had to be removed in 2 months.

It’s been six months and Slingshot’s second version is finally here.



The new Slingshot is claimed to be “simpler, cleaner and more fun”, together with a number of improvements around the app to make it faster, more reliable and more delightful.

Now you can send a photo with two clicks and choose to add some Instagram-like filters. Also, it’s possible to follow people -again in a similar fashion with Instagram- and view their content. Just like Snapchat, the updates disappear after 24 hours or when you swipe them.

We’ll see if Slingshot can make a second head-start with this new version. Well, it’s hard to challenge Snapchat!

You can download the iOS and Android versions of Slingshot.

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