Zomato Will Begin Using Mobile Ads and Cashless Payment

15 Jan 2015
Zomato Will Begin Using Mobile Ads and Cashless Payment

Worldwide restaurant discovery application Zomato continues its growth with firm steps. The service has recently been funded with around $60 million and started its mobile advertising efforts. Zomato introduced advertising within iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry applications.

According to TechCrunch’s news, the app is also expected to test a new cashless payment system working through mobile phones.

Zomato, serving in 18 countries with 308,300 listed restaurants, already uses ads on the desktop version. But, since mobile constitutes the highest percentage of Zomato’s users, their mobile ad movement seems pretty accurate.

Image Source: Tech Crunch

Mobile ads by Zomato will appear only on searches through the app, which will be labeled as “sponsored”.

Another new feature in Zomato’s agenda is embracing a cashless mobile payment system. The app will go beyond being simply a restaurant discovery service. By adding its own payment service it will be the whole package!

When the update comes alive, you’ll be able to pay for your meals through the app, in which you have added your card details before. All in one place, all in Zomato!

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