Google Works On Safe Services For Children

15 Jan 2015
Google Works On Safe Services For Children
Image Source: Softpedia

According to the news of USA Today, Google’s VP Pavni Diwanji announced that the company will soon launch its popular services specialized for children.

Diwanji leads the project targeting the children, especially the ones under the age of 12. As a part of the project, Google Search, YouTube and Google Chrome are to be developed specifically for the kids for a safer web.

The motivation behind the project is the Google employees who have children, including Diwanji herself. Google’s move to make the Internet safer and more fun for kids is highly appreciated. Of course, USA Federal Trade Commission’s emphasis on children’s online privacy protection may also have an impact on the issue.

Image Source: USA Today

Since today’s children are getting more and more involved in the Internet, Google’s move is a quite beneficial one. A safe services project for children is very promising and encouraging for others. We would be glad to see it expanding!

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