Wire is The New App For Great Conversations

14 Jan 2015
Wire is The New App For Great Conversations

Wire is a Switzerland-based new communications application, backed by Skype’s very own co-founder Janus Friis. The app is now available for both iOS and Android devices, and Mac OS X.

Wire can be seen as an improved version of Skype, helping you to stay in touch with loved ones.

Wire offers simple tools to communicate with text, voice, pictures, music and video in one place. What makes Wire even better is its simple design that could help regular users.


It is questionable whether Wire can replace Skype or not, because Skype is currently one of the world’s best communication apps. Still, users may have some trouble with call quality and connection problems. Wire can offer an improvement for that matter.

Skype’s co-founder Janus Friis states: “Skype was launched more than a decade ago. A lot has changed since then – we are all used to free calls and texting, and we have taken to carrying our computers in our pockets. It is time to create the best possible communication tools, as beautiful as they are useful.”

And that would be Wire!


Wire is launched both as a mobile and desktop application, with features of text, picture, GIF, audio and video sharing. For now, real-time video chat is not available, but it is expected to be offered soon.

The cool design of Wire makes things easier for the regular user and appeals more to the youth. Gestures and movements are available to use on the app, which are things that younger generations are more familiar with.

You can download the app for iOS, Android and Mac OS X.

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