Pinterest and Tumblr Are The Fastest Growing Networks

14 Jan 2015
Pinterest and Tumblr Are The Fastest Growing Networks

In the beginning of 2014, the list was dominated by Instagram. Today, it seems quite different. Pinterest and Tumblr overtook the powerful photo-sharing app, thanks to the amazing increase on their number of active users.

According to the latest report by Global Web Index, Tumblr increased its number of active users 120% in the last six months. We should also add that Facebook achieved only 2% within the same time period.

Pinterest is right behind Tumblr, with a 111% growth rate in active users. With this new report, Instagram -once the leader- takes the third place. Sorry about that!

The social media giant, Facebook, is at the bottom of the list with its 10th place. Facebook falls behind LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and even Google+ in terms of user growth.

Remember that these are just about the rates. If you take a look at the total number of active users, Tumblr is only the 8th one! Facebook with the most crowded population may have reached its peak in terms of staying active on the platform.

We’ll see how the stats change in next periods and how Facebook will be affected by that.

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