Former Google Employee Chris Messina Confesses About Google Plus

14 Jan 2015
Former Google Employee Chris Messina Confesses About Google Plus
Image Source: Forbes

Google’s former employee Chris Messina, who is also known as the inventor of “hashtag” has recently talked about Google Plus. Messina has played an important role building Google Buzz and Google Plus. After renouncing the tech giant, Messina shared a blog post about Google’s negative trajectory.

Messina admits that Google Plus has failed on some aspects as a social network. He adds that Facebook should be the only one dominating the sector, both for entrepreneurs and businesses. Messina claims that Google Plus couldn’t succeed at challenging the mighty Facebook and even has a lack of vision!

chris messina
Image Source: Medium

Messina also confesses that he doesn’t quite understand Google Plus and that worries him!

According to the inventor of hashtag, Google remains as a conservative and traditional company. He adds that people do not need another Facebook. Pretty harsh!

We’ll see whether Google takes these criticisms from inside and tries to improve itself.

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