Skype Adds ‘Picture-in-Picture’ On Android Smart Phones

13 Jan 2015
Skype Adds 'Picture-in-Picture' On Android Smart Phones

Popular messaging and video calling service Skype has been using a feature called ‘Picture-in-Picture’ for some time. What’s better now is that you can use the option on Android smart phones, too!

Thanks to this update, Android users can continue their Skype calls while getting busy with other stuff on their phones.

The feature called Picture-in-Picture was already available on other Android devices apart from smart phones. With the update, Microsoft makes it now available for Android-based smart phone owners to use that feature.

Maybe you remember such a feature from Skype’s newly arrived web version. Skype has recently launched its service for web browsers. And through that service, you can both make calls and use your computer as you wish at the same time.

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