Pizza Hut Wants to Get Your Order Right From Your Eyes

13 Jan 2015
Pizza Hut Wants to Get Your Order Right From Your Eyes

Pizza Hut brings your subconscious into light with the technology of “eye-tracking”. The company will soon start to use new generation digital menus which track your eyes’ movements to understand what are the ingredients you really want in your pizza!

You may be one of the indecisive people, staring long into restaurant menus. Thanks to Pizza Hut’s new service, you don’t have to do that anymore!



Before ordering something at Pizza Hut, the service analyzes on which ingredients your eyes linger more. Meaning, when you’re looking at an ingredient trying to decide and take some time longer on that this new tech gets it.

In around 2.5 seconds, the service chooses your eyes’ favorite ingredients and offers you the closest pizza on the menu. Here’s to the hesitant ones!

Pizza Hut uses tablet computers to build their digital menus. Of course, you don’t have to order that pizza offered by the menu. You can still stay indecisive if that’s what you like!



We should add that this new tech is still tested. So, it may take some time before you let your eyes do the ordering for you.

You can check out the video for Pizza Hut:

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