Pennies: The Application to Control Your Budget

13 Jan 2015
Pennies: The Application to Control Your Budget

Pennies is a brand new iPhone app that lets you manage your personal budget without much effort. With this colorful app, the company targets the regular person who doesn’t need complex charts or graphs to balance their payments.

The England-based application allows you to set up several kinds of budgets like Office Budget or Groceries; choose a time schedule; enter your currency and starting money. And whenever you buy something, just click on the “+” button to add how much you spent on that. You’ll immediately see how much is left according to your plan and how well you are doing sticking with the budget!


What’s better is that you don’t have to link your bank accounts unless you want to. The colorful and user-friendly app will be working better for you, if you are a mobile-shopper. You won’t forget to add your spending, because your phone is already in use!


For now the app is only available on iOS devices. You can purchase Pennies for $1.99.

Here is the video for Pennies:

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