Keep Your Pinterest Boards As A Secret

13 Jan 2015
Keep Your Pinterest Boards As A Secret

Previously, we’ve mentioned the importance of Pinterest and tried to offer you some useful tips. Now it’s time to see what else you can do while using the platform. If you are more of a “Pinner” type of person, you’ll use this trick very often!

Pinterest lets you to keep some boards only to yourself. Say, you are collecting images for a special board targeting a seasonal campaign. You may not want to reveal it before the time comes. Use secret boards and collect your pins easily without getting noticed by anyone!

If you are a regular user for personal aims and try to save your ideas about a surprise travel, gift or wedding, you can keep it as a secret!

Here is how:

pinterest boards


Visit your Pinterest profile page, where you’ll see all your Pinterest boards. Right below your regular boards is the secret board section that always stays there.

pinterest boards


You’ll also see the option to “keep it secret” whenever you create a regular Pinterest board.

This simple trick can be real life saver, if you want to do some undercover work on Pinterest!

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