Download A Copy Of Your Google Data!

13 Jan 2015
Download A Copy Of Your Google Data!

The ever-growing temporary nature of the Internet may make you nervous about losing your stuff. It’s quite normal in a virtual world where nothing seems permanent! But, don’t worry, Google makes sure that you keep your data with you.

With Google’s one click export system, you can download a copy of your Google data and manage your archives easily. You don’t need any third-party systems or additional services.

Just sign into your Google account and go to your “Account” section.

google data


On “Data Tools” tab, you’ll see the option to download your data.

google data


Here you’ll be able to see which services you want to backup. Check the ones you need and you’re all set!

google data

It may take a while for Google to prepare your archives. You can check the status of preparation from the same page.

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