Want to Start A Blog? Check These 4 Blogging Platforms!

12 Jan 2015
Want to Start A Blog? Check These 4 Blogging Platforms!

We know that it’s a conversation going on for a long time inside your head: “Should I start a blog?”, “I will start a blog today!” and many more.

Well, today is the day. Stop further procrastination and do it now!

Whether you are a total beginner or aiming at creating a business blog for your brand, we’ll make things easier for you. If you recall, before we’ve talked about why your brand needs a business blog. Unfortunately, we’ve never mentioned how you should be turning that into action!

The first step of blogging is, of course, choosing the right blogging platform. And that may be hard to decide sometimes. Remember, jumping through several services will bring you harm in terms of SEO results. So, this time, you should think before you act.

Hopefully, these four most popular and great blogging platforms will help you at the start. If you are looking for easy and customizable free services, here are the best ones!


1) WordPress - The Most Popular Free Platform



Be careful, WordPress comes with two alternatives: WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

If you are looking for a free platform without a hosting service, you should continue with “.com”.

As a free and ad-supported blogging platform, WordPress is the most popular one. That’s why you’ll see several companies choosing WordPress over the others.


WordPress is pretty easy to use, both in terms of themes-to-go and content publishing. One disadvantage is that you won’t be able to insert plug-ins or edit your HTML. But if you are only interested in the basics of blogging, WordPress will be the perfect choice for you!

What’s better is that if you change your mind at some point, you can easily switch to WordPress.org by paying the fee for it.

Adding, editing, publishing and scheduling posts on WordPress takes almost no time!


2) Blogger – Powered by Google


Blogger, owned by Google, is another highly popular free blogging platform. However, we observe much more complaints about the platform compared to WordPress. One criticism is about the themes. Yes, they can easily be found with zero price on the Internet, but the quality is not always that good…


Blogger’s one great advantage comes from the power of Google. You’ll find it easy to integrate with all your Google Apps and add many widgets and services provided by Google, if you don’t want to get involved in the coding process.

Blogger is more customizable in terms of HTML and coding, but again, this often seems pretty difficult for a basic, newbie blog user. The choice is all yours!


Publishing content on Blogger is quite easy, just like on WordPress. And if you want to check how well you are doing, the built-in Analytics will always guide you. A major bonus!


3) Tumblr – The Coolest Blogging Community


Owned by Yahoo, Tumblr is often looked down upon by many bloggers nowadays. One of the reasons is the label of Tumblr as a “teenager platform”. However, so many famous brands and companies -like IBM and Universal Music- choose Tumblr for their business blogs. So, don’t be judgmental!



What’s different than the other blogging services is that Tumblr is more appropriate for images, videos, GIFs and short texts. It’s closer to a micro-blogging platform, with an easy setup.

The best part of Tumblr is the feeling of a “community” it creates within the users. It’s easy to share users’ blog post thanks to the “Reblog” button, similar to Twitter’s “Retweet” option. That’s a major advantage to get your content distributed.



Another great bonus of Tumblr is its themes. Whether free or premium, Tumblr themes come with great quality and functions. On the Internet, you’ll find several free templates with beautiful designs and customizable HTMLs. Most of the times, you wouldn’t feel the need to edit them. They are good enough and ready to use!

If you are more of a visual or short-text type of person, Tumblr will be the perfect place for your blog.


4) Medium – Sheer Simplicity



Medium is more of a newbie on blogging platforms. The service has recently been launched by Twitter’s co-founders, which provides the platform with a great technical advantage. What Medium offers is simplicity at its best.

The blogging platform is almost a blank canvas for you to fill. If you are a writing addict, Medium is the right one for you. You’ll reach your goal without any distraction.

With a slogan of “Everyone’s stories and ideas”, Medium is like an open source of dreams and writings.


Medium will let you share your thoughts without getting into coding, customization or design. The aim is clear and simple; just to write.

Thanks to Medium’s built-in Analytics, you’ll be able to reach your blog’s insights easily. The blogging service is worth trying!


Bonus: You can import a story from your other blogs!

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