Viber Adds ‘Public Chat’ Feature to Get More Social

12 Jan 2015
Viber Adds 'Public Chat' Feature to Get More Social

Viber is a 4-years-old instant messaging and Voice over IP (VoIP) service. Starting as a mobile application, Viber is now available also for desktop usage on Mac OS X and Windows. Since the arena of mobile messaging is growing continuously with brand new apps developed everyday, Viber must have felt in need of a new feature. And that’s Public Chat.

With around 209 million users, Viber took a new approach to messaging. Public Chats now allow members to use the service for broadcasting to a wider audience.

With Public Chats, live conversations will be in several streams where people can listen and follow. During a Public Chat, you can jump into a conversation and talk only if the account in question is in your contact list. But, you’ll always have the ability to listen!



Viber gets more social with this update and succeeds at being different than other messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat and more.

In order to promote the new feature, Viber partnered with some global celebrities like Perez Hilton, Paul van Dyk, Tyler Oakley and others. Wouldn’t it be cool to hear them gossip?

For now, we as “regular users” cannot broadcast our streams to a global public. If you feel like your chat can be a good match for Public Chat, well, you can e-mail at Since the product is in beta version, Viber wants to keep a closer control on the service.

You can check out the new Viber:

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