Samsung’s Alternative to YouTube: Milk Video

12 Jan 2015
Samsung’s Alternative to YouTube: Milk Video

In March, Samsung introduced a music service called ‘Milk Music’. Now, the company launches another streaming service for its mobile phones following that line. This time specialized on videos, Milk Video is an alternative to YouTube in function, but not in video volume. The app is designed exclusively for Galaxy smartphones, for now.

Samsung has already partnered with several companies like Funny or Die, Red Bull and VICE.

milk video1

Although Milk Music still cannot compete with other music services like Spotify and Pandora, Milk Video is a bold attempt on the crowded arena of video services. With many strong rivals like YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo, it is questionable whether Milk Video can succeed.

milk video 2

As we have mentioned, the service is available only for Samsung Galaxy Phones and it is still unknown whether the company aims to develop the app for other devices. Milk Video is a free service for now, but looking at the Milk Music, it is expected to add some premium features, too.

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