Make The Most Out Of Twitter Collages

12 Jan 2015
Make The Most Out Of Twitter Collages

Did you know that you can create and post a photo collage on Twitter? If one image is not good enough for you, you can add more! Now it’s possible to insert up to 4 photos into a single tweet.

Together with the update of Photo Tagging, Twitter has launched another feature a while ago. Looking at all of these updates; if Twitter gets so much interested in images, that’s also what you should be doing!

With the introduction of Twitter Collages, you can now create and share a series of photos, which will be automatically turned into a collage. By now, the feature should be available on mobile phones and the desktop version.

twitter collages

Now it’s your turn to use Photo Collages in a fun way. You can create a series of DIY posts, step-by-step guides or surprising photos!

Don’t forget to share your collages with us!

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