Dunkin’ Donuts on Twitter: Get Creative With Your Product!

12 Jan 2015
Dunkin' Donuts on Twitter: Get Creative With Your Product!

Dunkin’ Donuts is an American company focused mainly on doughnuts and coffee. Today, the brand is active in more than 30 countries worldwide. Of course, one would expect to see that such a colorful and tasty brand using social media quite successfully. Let’s see together, whether this is the case!

Today, we’ll briefly talk about how Dunkin’ Donuts uses Twitter as a business and what we can learn from their rights and wrongs.

With around 845.000 followers and high-quality content, Dunkin’ takes its place in the list of Top 150 Brands on Twitter. Remember, numbers do not mean anything by themselves. Although many other brands succeeded at surpassing Dunkin’ Donuts, we love the way they use their products creatively!

dunkin' donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts operates from a single verified Twitter page, and never gets enough! In spite of its great fan base, the company continues to improve itself and its strategy, as well.

It’s a good reminder for us. No matter how big you are, if you are on social media, you should always remain active! Because, you know, it never sleeps!


Show Your Colorful World

dunkin donuts


Dunkin’ Donuts never hesitates to display the joy behind the brand. Their fun nature reflects both on content and page design on the platform.

Here is a great example of brand promotion without disturbing the visitors! Dunkin’ Donuts’ tasty product range take their place on the top shelf of Twitter; the header. Even if you’ve never heard of Dunkin, looking at the header, you’ll know what this company is all about.

Try doing that for your business, too. Ask total strangers if they can understand what your brand tells them with your current page design!

A short bio -including the slogan- and of course the website link would be more than enough. Don’t forget to choose the profile colors in parallel with your logo!


Reflect The Real Life

You probably know by now that social media is simply a reflection of our daily lives. If regular people are using it that way, why not do the same thing for brands?

Whatever your product or service is, try to find a way to insert it into the real life. Well, if you are not sure about how, follow Dunkin’ Donuts!


The brand knows the perfect balance of promoting their products without disturbing the natural flow of life. They know that you’ll drink your coffee in the morning, or have a little treat for yourself whenever you have sugar cravings. During these times of life, Dunkin’ offers you its sweet products.

Rather than shooting a picture of a cup of coffee, the brand displays it with a real human being. Meaning, a woman holding a cup tells much more than the cup itself!

Dunkin’ Donuts found their own recipe for high quality content: Beautiful images + Short text + Hashtag. As simple as that!


As a brand with great updates on the short-video platform, Vine, Dunkin’ is well aware of Twitter’s integration with the platform. Sharing their Vine videos on Twitter, the brand doubles the effect and makes it easier for the fans to engage! Just like Oreo, Dunkin’ Donuts knows the visual nature of Twitter and plays with their products in a creative and fun way. Hold your product in your hands and we know you’ll find a different angle to display it!


Dunkin’ does a great job by handling both engagement and moderation at the same time on Twitter. They not only take care of the complaints, but also appreciate the positive feedbacks. It’s a great way to thank the followers and start a conversation with them!

And, if you want to get some from delicious donuts of Dunkin’, you can follow them on Twitter, because they don’t forget to host occasional contests for the fans!

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