Lego: Build Your Facebook Page With the Fans!

9 Jan 2015
Lego: Build Your Facebook Page With the Fans!

Lego is a worldwide construction toys producer based in Denmark. It’s one of the most popular toy brands worldwide since its initial launch in 1949. We all know that the brand has almost become interchangeable for all plastic bricks and minifigures!

Let’s see how such a famous and fun brand uses Facebook Pages to connect with their fans.



Lego operates from one main global brand page, similar to several brands we’ve covered here on Snug Social. This beloved toy company has more than 10 million likes on their page, with a high percentage of American users.

Although Lego is a European brand, its neighbors seems to be out of the top 10 followers list, apart from the United Kingdom and Italy. Well, it’s mainly a problem of population once more…



What drew our attention most is the regions they choose to specialize on the global brand page. Lego has a specific Facebook Page for only a bunch of countries. The rest, including the United States and United Kingdom, sees the same page without any differentiation. Interesting!


Stick to Your Colors!



Lego’s page design is clean and simple, as we constantly suggest. They prefer to represent their building block, which is in fact a plastic block! That’s the heart of the brand.

We also liked how they used the exact same colors with their well-known logo and kept the page consistent as a whole. No need to complicate the picture, stay clean!

From time to time, Lego carries their special collections and minifigures into the cover and display them very gently. That’s the best thing to do for Lego, because cover photos are the widest and easiest place to put their products in order, like on a shelf!

If your brand is also a colorful and lively one, it’s always easier to keep the page design more vivid.


Build the Content Together!

Since the main global page is the one reaching the highest number of fans, we’ll be looking at that one today. And, the number of updates turned out to be a little less than expected. On average, Lego posts around 3 updates weekly. As a company which is close to ‘Facebook’s Top 100 Brand Pages List’ they might want to increase their frequency. But, still, that’s our opinion, Lego guys!

Even though the content seems to be gathered around outbound links referring back to Lego’s webpages or microsites, there’s more to it. Lego successfully balances their promotional content with user-generated ones.



We loved the way they ask the fans about their own builds using Lego products and how they display these photos on the page. This is a brilliant strategy, since Lego is all about “building something” and it’s better when done together!



Asking for the fans to send their photos or what they think about your products would work most of the time. When you add those user-generated content into your content strategy and display them to everyone, you’ll be doing the best thing ever.

You’ll both appreciate your fans and let them do the promotion business for you!

Lego’s Facebook Page has great engagement rates and reactions, whether the post is promotional or user-generated. That’s probably because the fans would enjoy seeing anything related to Lego and those tiny little men, like we do!

All in all, we still believe that a brand with such colorful and fun products could have used them in a more creative way. Sorry about that…

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