Contributor by Google: New Way of Funding Without Advertising

9 Jan 2015
Contributor by Google: New Way of Funding Without Advertising

You are probably aware of the fact that the Internet is mainly sponsored by the ads. Keeping that in mind, Google tries to find out a new way to fund the web with alternative revenue models.

With this aim, Google announced the launch of Contributor.

From the user side, you choose a monthly contribution fee for the program between $1-3. When you visit a participating website you won’t see the ads which you normally do. Instead, you’ll see a thank you message appreciating your support.



With the philosophy of “supporting the people who make the web”, Google receives a part of the contribution fee from the participating websites.

Starting in the U.S. as a beta version, Contributor has already partnered with 10 publishers including Mashable, Imgur, The Onion and ScienceDaily. For now, the service is only available via an invitation.

We’ll see how users and more publishers will react to this new experiment, but still it’s a good move to search for alternative funding methods.

In the meantime, you can apply for the waitlist here.

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