Want To Be The Perfect Twitter User? Follow These 6 Steps!

9 Jan 2015
Want To Be The Perfect Twitter User? Follow These 6 Steps!

Whether you are a newbie on Twitter or have been using the platform for a while, we are sure that you have the same question in mind: “How can I be the perfect Twitter user?”

You may fall into the trap of giving too much weight into your follower count. Well, that’s partly true. But the important part is how you achieve that!

If you want to follow the easy/empty path of buying followers, please go ahead. We believe that you are not that type, since we’ve mentioned why you shouldn’t do that before. Your brand and you deserve a little more than that!

These days it’s quite natural to expect instant results from social networks. But the first key is -unfortunately- a little patience. Most of the times, these things do not happen overnight! Just take your time and put some more effort.

You may be updating your Twitter profile from time to time and engaging with your customers. And still, those may not always be enough. If you aim at the perfect Twitter profile, we have some tips for you!


1) Optimize Your Profile



A well-built Twitter profile will be your showcase. That’s what creates the first impression for the visitors. Just use the right dimensions, create a simple design and you’ll be just fine. And more, you don’t need anything too sophisticated. You can check out these free tools to design your own profile page.

Never forget to add information! A simple description explaining who you are and what you can provide your followers with would be enough. You’ll be introducing yourself with a few sentences. And, your “bio” will be displayed on “Suggested Users” page. Of course, your website must definitely be here!

It’s also important to have a simple but recognizable username. If you’re running a blog, try to take the title. And when that’s not available, just add a “com” at the end! Your fans will know how to reach your Twitter page without even searching it.


2) Build Your Strategy



Don’t worry, it’s not that hard! For starters, try to list what you want to tell the world. Think about how you want to introduce yourself and your brand; how you want to promote your business or products and what your potential customers might be interested in.

That list will be your ultimate guide. Decide on your posting days and hours and try to guess which ones would work best for you. Your update frequency will automatically come. You’ll have something like that in mind, similar to a prescription: “Twice a day, except the weekends.”

Creating a strategy beforehand will never let you get lost on the way. Even a simple chart on “what to tweet” will ease your burden a lot. Don’t forget that it’s a dynamic concept. From time to time, you may need to alter it. Take what’s working and leave what’s not working for you!

Since Twitter is a different platform than Facebook, we do not recommend you to post too often. Your followers will see everything you tweet. Meaning, you wouldn’t like to overwhelm them by filling their whole timeline. Don’t take the risk to lose them!


3) Jump into Conversation



That’s the part where hashtags come in. Creating content for Twitter is one thing, distributing them is another. A simple hashtag related to your topic would increase your visibility and potential reach to a wider audience out there. The same thing works for you, too.

Typing the right keywords on the search box will bring about thousands of potential followers. Don’t hesitate to talk to them! If someone has a question that you can answer, jump right into the conversation. They’ll appreciate your time and effort and engage with you.

Stealing from your rivals can work here as well. If someone is complaining about your competitor, why not provide them with something better? Yes, it’s your brand!

Another thing we recommend is to keep up with the trends. By following Twitter’s “Trending” section, you’ll find the most popular hashtags. If they fit your business, try to use them in your tweets. This time, your update will have the chance to reach millions of people!


4) Promote Your Profile


If you are in the social media game, you may need to jump from one place to another fast. You may be promoting your blog on your Twitter account, but never miss the essential point. How will you promote your Twitter account?

Naturally, it won’t always talk for itself. That little bird may need a little push. Here comes the big players of “other” social media networks onto stage. Linking your social media accounts into one another is extremely crucial. That’s what makes people to wander around the web without realizing how much time they have spent!

Adding your Twitter name into Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and many more will attract more visitors into your page. If they like what they see, they’ll stay with you!

Bonus: If you have a webpage or blog, try to add “follow us” buttons here and there.


5) Use the Power of Images


We are not big fans of numbers. So, we’ll keep it simple. Tweets with images DO have higher engagement rates!

If you don’t believe us, see it for yourself. And if you are spending reasonable time on Twitter, you must have faced the fact. We are living in the visual age and we just need to fit in.

Images will, in fact, be your supporters. They’ll strengthen your argument, information or whatever you’ve provided in that tweet. Also, people will know what your post is all about, if you have included a link.

And the best part is that images have this great potential to go viral. Some funny picture you’ve posted can instantly reach thousands of people and make you famous without you know it! In short, a clear text with a beautiful image and a proper hashtag will be the best combination for all of us.


6) Always Measure


And, yes, always!

As an often neglected service, Twitter Analytics should be your best friend. Before, we’ve briefly talked about how you can and should use it. If you are curious about this whole analytics business, check out our post!

Whether this is about Twitter or not, your social media success is highly dependent on measurement. If you ignore the analytics and move on, unfortunately, you’ll never progress.

Analytics is also good for your own happiness! You’ll see how well you are doing. And more important than that, you’ll see what you are doing wrong!

Analytics will make you see your mistakes and correct them before it’s too late. Because, you know, your followers may not tolerate them for too long…

Try Twitter Analytics as soon as possible and check out how well you are doing both at content and followers!

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