Stop Facebook Messenger From Bothering You!

8 Jan 2015
Stop Facebook Messenger From Bothering You!

If you are disturbed with Facebook Messenger’s continuous “beeps” and need a simple solution other than the Silent Mode, we have the right one for you. Now, there’s an easier way to stop certain people from bothering you on Facebook Messenger without the need to block or unfriend them.

And the same thing works just fine on group conversations. That would be a relief, if you are also stuck in the middle of crowded chat groups!



Visit the conversation and click on the “i” button. Find “mute” option.



Choose the time until when you want to stay in peace!



You may also want to turn off all Messenger notifications for some time. Say, you’ll be in a meeting, but don’t want to stay away from Messenger for a long time. Try this option in your “Settings” menu.

As a little known Facebook Messenger feature, muting can be real life-saver, without much effort.

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