Engage With Your Fans Via Google Plus Polls

8 Jan 2015
Engage With Your Fans Via Google Plus Polls

Previously we’ve talked about the basics of Google Plus, how you can use it for your business and displayed some examples of the brands successfully benefitting from the platform. Today, we want to talk about a special feature of Google Plus: Polls.

Using the polls, you can ask your fans or a wider audience about their opinion on a given matter; have some great insights and inspiration. With an easily organized poll, you’ll get to know your people better and also what they think about you.

Google Polls are one of the easiest ways of keeping track with people and a good way to listen to them. One major advantage is that they take almost no time and effort to answer, which would be encouraging for the users. Let’s see how you can create a poll within seconds.

google plus polls


Find the update box, and choose “Poll” option.

google plus polls


Here you’ll be able to type your question, upload a photo (optional) and add possible answers. You can also change your privacy settings and choose specific groups of people or publish it publicly.

google plus polls


It’s already done! Users will just click on the option they prefer and here you go!

google plus polls


Clicking the “v” icon will help you to edit the poll and view your results.

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