Siemens on Facebook: Quality over Quantity!

7 Jan 2015
Siemens on Facebook: Quality over Quantity!

Today, Siemens is the biggest engineering company in Europe. The German multinational giant mainly covers the areas of Industry, Energy, Healthcare and Infrastructure. Together we’ll see whether Siemens reflects its success on social media as well.

On Facebook, we observe something not much likely for such a big brand. Siemens has several local pages and one main page. But, this main page is not a Global Brand Page and even not verified. Also, we could not see the use of targeting in any of the posts. Interesting!

Maybe they do not aim big on social media, who knows?



Siemens has around 181.000 fans on Facebook, and here are the stats. When we take out the population advantage of some countries like India and Pakistan, the distribution for the top 10 seems even.

And yes, Germany protects its brand!


What do you stand for?



Our claim has always been to display your worldview with simple images on your page design. Siemens is one of the brands to get the point better.

Looking at the cover photo, we immediately think about sustainability and renewable energy resources. Well, if that’s what the brand wanted to emphasize, they’ve done a good job! This eco-friendly view of Siemens makes us sympathetic towards the brand at first sight.

Still, the numbers and letters may not mean too much when you are not familiar with the subject. A simple text could have been better to explain what they are standing for.


What’s your worldview?

Content is the point where Siemens differs mostly from others. Instead of promotion, the brand sends updates to display their worldview. The company positions itself as eco-friendly and technologically advanced.

Of course, when they do something good for the world, it’s good for business, too!



The team introduces Siemens’ vision through the posts, and through the testimonies of insiders. Adding human faces into the brand this way is a great idea!

We love the way they balance technical stuff with actual people and their quotes in a social media card form. Human factor at its best!

Siemens embraces the philosophy of “one-dose-a-day” and it seems to be working very well. We think that 1 daily post is pretty adequate, by looking at the content’s depth.

Quality over quantity, remember?

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