Get More Social on Twitter With Photo Tagging

7 Jan 2015
Get More Social on Twitter With Photo Tagging
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It’s been a while since Twitter announced the feature of Photo Tagging. Maybe you’ve seen some names above the images shared through the platform. They are all possible thanks to this feature. Photo tagging is available both on the desktop version and mobile applications of Twitter.

Tagging people in a photo makes conversations easier and more fun. What’s better is that it won’t affect your character count! You’ll still have your 140 characters. Twitter lets you to tag up to 10 people, and that should be enough already.

Here is how you can:

photo tagging


Select a photo as you normally do, and click the appearing “Who’s in this photo?” option.

photo tagging


You’ll be able to search through the users and will see whether they are available for photo tagging or not.

photo tagging


Hey, you can tag Obama! Of course, do it if he really is on the photo…

photo tagging

You can also check your own availability for photo tagging. Visit your Twitter settings and find Photo Tagging under “Privacy”.

Photos are even more social now thanks to Twitter!

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