Display Your Best Posts on Facebook

7 Jan 2015
Display Your Best Posts on Facebook
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Whether you are using Facebook as a business or personally, you’ll find this trick useful. Facebook has a highlighting feature, designed for you to star your favorite updates and make them more visible. Previously, highlighted posts was getting larger to attract more attention. Unfortunately, with the latest update on Facebook’s design this is no longer the case. Still, you can highlight your posts in order to stress their importance.

best posts


All you have to do is to click the “v” icon and choose “Highlight”.

best posts


Highlighted posts will appear with a blue ribbon and a star on your timeline. And it’s not only limited to one post!

Keep in mind that highlighting is an option both for Facebook Profiles and Pages. However, “Pin to top” is a special feature for Facebook Pages and here is what it is.

Pinning a post on Facebook is similar to Twitter’s “Pinned Tweet”. This is a way to carry your best update or the current campaign into the top. Unlike highlighting, you can only pin one post to the top and it will stay there until you unpin it or choose another update to pin.

best posts


Again click on the “v” icon on the page post and choose “Pin to Top”.

best posts


Here you go! Your update will be displayed on the top of your page and that will be the first thing when new visitors or followers view your Facebook Page.

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