Need Inspiration for Your Website? Here Are The Best 404 Pages!

6 Jan 2015
Need Inspiration for Your Website? Here Are The Best 404 Pages!

We are well aware that designing a whole new website has its own difficulties. Today, we are here to remind you the importance of one single page: Error 404!

Whether it’s your brands website or personal blog, 404 page is almost a must-have. Although they are sometimes neglected, error pages are nothing less important than all the other ones.

A typo in the URL or a removed post may lead the visitor somewhere weird and make them get lost. Creating a well-thought 404 page will make you look cute and also help the reader to wander around your site better.

Error pages should be consistent with the rest of the website and with your brand at the same time. Do not forget to add extra sections like “You might be interested in” or a search box to keep the reader with you.

As the team of Snug Social, here are our favorite 404 pages which may inspire you, too!


1) Huffington Post

404 pages


Huffington Post makes a great point here. You don’t need elaborate design projects or a long copy. Inserting a cute picture with a sincere text would be enough!


2) We Heart It

404 pages


We Heart It chooses to build their 404 page in parallel with their “heart” concept. Since the name itself suggests “love”, design fits really well into the website.



404 pages


If you are a fan of LEGO, like we are, you would expect nothing less than that. Those little pieces and characters enable the brand to get creative. If your brand has a mascot or a differentiated logo type, play with them!


4) Brain Pickings

404 pages


Brain Pickings does a great job by staying cool and sophisticated at the same time. Under the artsy image, they prefer to add a description explaining the whole error situation. And of course, ending comes with a fun sentence!


5) The Onion

404 pages

The Onion’s beauty comes from the consistence. The brand provides a 404 page in parallel with the language and tone used through the website. Sometimes, it’s good to get a little sarcastic!


6) Klout

404 pages

Although you don’t have a mascot for your brand, you can always create a new one for your error page. Klout’s angry/sad gorilla just tells you the case. Clear and simple!


7) Bored Panda

404 pages


It’s getting even better. Bored Panda’s cute animal would naturally react to that situation. While we have landed on Bored Panda’s 404 page, that was the exact same thing we were expecting. A guilty panda!


8) Kit Kat

404 pages

Here’s one great idea. If you serve your users an error page, why not create a game out of it? It’s the best way of apologizing. The website offers you two options: Stay to play the game or leave for our other pages!


9) GitHub

404 pages


Sorry, but this one is our favorite. If you are a huge Star Wars fan like us, you’ll probably be smiling while looking at this 404 page. GitHub recreates one of the most famous scenes of Star Wars and steals our heart. And yes, we are convinced!


10) Snug Social

404 pages

Probably you’ve seen that coming… What we did on our very own 404 page is simple. We played with the logo! The links are sorry to bother you and that they fell apart. But again, no worries, you’ll find several posts you might be interested in!

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